Planning For Preservation

Planning for preservation is an important first-step in the creation of a systematic approach to identifying, documenting, and preserving a community's historic resources. The process typically involves a reconnaissance level survey of the community, training sessions directed at teaching interested persons the process of identification and evaluation, and the development of a series of short and long-term goals. Public education is a critical component of all planning for preservation projects as it is public participation and support that will ensure the success of a preservation plan.

Newton Historic Preservation Commission/City of Newton, Iowa

The Newton Historic Preservation Commission conducted the Newton Planning for Preservation Project in 2009-2010 under a grant-in-aid agreement with the State Historical Society of Iowa (SHSI) through the Certified Local Government program’s planning for preservation grant award.

Such a project is designed specifically for a newly certified or inactive commission because it creates a base of information from which the commission can proceed as they undertake the variety of tasks involved in identifying, evaluating, recording, and preserving the historic resources significant to their community.

Jasper County Courthouse, 1909

Further, a planning project introduces the commission to project development and management issues and provides the opportunity and experience of working with an historic preservation professional.

The overarching goal of the Newton Planning for Preservation project was to provide broad historic preservation training for the members of the Historic Preservation Commission. A series of public workshops were held to allow Newton residents the opportunity to participate in the education component of the planning project and to facilitate the identification of interested citizens.

A project report summarized the “windshield survey” findings, provided a narrative account of potential historic contexts, made recommendations for future preservation projects, and included a research design for an intensive level survey and evaluation of the Newton commercial district – a project the City and Preservation Commission undertook in 2011-2012 with AKAY Consulting again providing the consulting services.

Hotel Maytag, 1926   August Bergman House, 1909

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